Linda Tsang, or better known as Bubz, is no new face to the beauty vlogger circle. She started her career as a vlogger eight years ago and has garnered over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Bubzbeauty. We grilled the petite Chinese-Irish on beauty hacks, tips and mistakes.

On caring for pastel-coloured hair
The very first thing I was told to do was, [not to] wash my hair with very hot water. If it’s lukewarm, it’s great. Hot water actually strips [the colour]. Try not to wash your hair all the time. I was told to use dry shampoo instead, but I didn’t really follow that. I just used cold water when I was rinsing it. Definitely, the key is moisturising. I’m using serums to keep it hydrated. How I maintained it was something I wasn’t told to do – I added some other colouring into my shampoo. Because my hair was pink, I used pink shampoo, so it helps to keep [the colour] fresh.

On the key points of Korean beauty looks
There are two types of K-pop look. One is the young, fresh and natural [look], where it courses around having full brows, a beautiful base that highlights your skin and using tinted lip balm. The other one is having an elongated eyeliner look and only applying tint in the centre of the lips. Of course, K-pop looks tend to use shimmer so glitter is everything.

On skincare products she loves
I’m huge on using facial oils, for example, rosehip oil, jasmine oil, Argan oil – I prefer those to moisturisers. I’m huge on sheet masks as well. I’ve always loved the Optimiser Voyage, but recently, I like the Optimiser Voyage Tri-light because now it comes with three [types of] lights that target acne, dry skin… it does everything in one device. And it means I can travel with it because I travel quite a lot. It’s so portable, so it makes it very easy for me. I also like [Skin Inc’s] Peeling Mask because it’s different from using beads. It works like a chemical exfoliator.

On a beauty hack she swears by
I swear by using natural yoghurt and oatmeal. This DIY mask solves a lot of skin issues – everything, actually. It helps with dry skin, acne, oily skin, to brighten skin tone, tighten pores, and it helps inflammed skin. [The ingredients are] something you probably have in your kitchen but they make one heck of a mask!

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On past beauty mistakes
I’ve made a lot of beauty mistake. Putting too much makeup on was definitely my biggest mistake. It made me look 30 when I was 15, and my face was a whole different colour as well. I had bright eyeshadow, bright lips and dark brows. It was a nightmare. No one told me my makeup was wrong. My teacher told me to tone it down, so I guess that was a sign! (Laughs) She was like, “Easy on the blue eyeshadow.” And I was like, “What’s wrong with blue?” All my eyeshadows were blue or green, by the way. Good thing that I don’t really wear it now.

On the importance of facial massages
I’m huge on facial massages. I feel like that’s something people don’t do a lot. It’s great for minimising dark circles, reducing puffiness, for that V-shaped contoured look, improves blood circulation and helps products absorb better. If you want a slimmer face, you can do this. (Rolls tongue around the mouth in circular motions) It works your muscles to make your face really slim.

On the most important beauty tip she’s learnt over the years
Learning to cleanse your face properly. There are a lot of beauty products [out there] but none of them really works if you don’t cleanse your face properly, thoroughly.

Images: Skin Inc