Apparently 65% Of Singaporean Couples Would Netflix Cheat

There’s physical cheating, and then there’s emotional cheating. Like as if that’s not enough to worry about, it looks like couples will now have to watch out for straying eyes in the form of Netflix cheating too.

What is Netflix cheating, you ask? It’s when your partner watches a TV show ahead of you, i.e: If you guys planned to watch Orange Is The New Black together but he couldn’t help himself and watched the first two episodes first without you.

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According to a survey by Netflix, 47 per cent of Singaporean couples admitted to streaming infidelity. And the shows that they tend to cheat with? The list includes Arrow, House of Cards, Marvel’s Daredevil, Orange Is The New Black, and strangely enough, Gossip Girl (lol guys. Really?).

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When asked why they Netflix cheat, 79 per cent of the cheaters said that they didn’t plan on it, but the lure of a good show was just too much. As for how they cheat? The majority (69 per cent) wait till they’re home by themselves to do the deed. We’re starting to believe that romance is dead and nothing is sacred anymore.

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And if you need some pointers, here’s how to get away with (Netflix) cheating.


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