Bella Thorne Makes Directorial Debut—With PornHub


Bella Thorne has long shed her squeaky-clean image from her days as a Disney star. The 21-year-old actress is now unapologetically confident about her body and sexuality, having come out as a pansexual and posted racy photos that your Singaporean mum wouldn’t approve of.


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And now it seems she’s combining that confidence with her directorial debut through a project with PornHub.

The actress directed a short film, Her & Him, which centres on a couple’s sexual dominance—or their fight for dominance. (We also like how she put “her” before “him”, possibly to allude to the woman’s dominance—but that’s our guess.)

In a behind-the-scenes interview clip, Bella revealed that the film didn’t turn out the way she first envisioned it to be—she wanted to make a Christmas horror movie. However, the actress described the result as “a beautiful, ethereal film.” Not sure which would have been better.

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And yes, it includes sex scenes because, duh, PornHub. In fact, Bella says, “…we had real-life f***ing on-set.”

Not quite sold on the idea that it’s produced by PornHub and don’t want to watch it? Bella doesn’t give a damn—or at least that’s what we inferred from her words: “If you think that porn is uncomfortable, I’m sorry that you are uncomfortable, but don’t make other people feel uncomfortable for being OK with it.”

She adds, “Because at the end of the day, it is sex and it’s something that the human body wants, it needs and it constantly craves for it. It’s just a very understandable thing. And if you’re scared of it, that’s fine. To each their own. But don’t tear somebody else down because they’re confident with their sexuality and they’re OK to admit that.”

While we’re all for her “you do you” attitude, we’d also like to highlight that pornography is illegal in Singapore—and we’re not talking about just making it, but also possessing it, distributing it, selling it  or keeping it. If you’re found to have broken the law, you can be fined up to $40,000 and/or jailed for up to two years for a first-time offence.

If you have it for, ahem, personal use, you might still be fined, but the amount and/or jail term is subject to the number of films you have in your possession and whether it’s your first offence.

In other words, don’t risk it lah.

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