Carrie Wong Is No Longer In Contact With Ian Fang


More than a month after Carrie Wong’s steamy text scandal with Ian Fang, the actress finally addressed the issue with a media outlet.

During an interview with Lianhe Wanbao on Saturday (June 29), she revealed that she is no longer in contact with Ian.

She didn’t shy away from questions about the scandal and when asked about the impact it had, she replied: “If I said there wasn’t any, I would be lying.”

She added: “A lot of things were affected but the most important thing was to complete the tasks at hand and finish it well.”

When news of their leaked texts hit the internet, Carrie was in the middle of filming her upcoming drama My One In A Million.

“Thankfully, the producer and production crew were very understanding and they were looking out for my filming schedules and mood.

“It was thanks to their help that I was able to successfully finish the shoot,” she admitted.

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Carrie—along with her castmates Lawrence Wong, Jeffrey Xu, Nick Teo and Chen Yixi—was at Our Tampines Hub on Saturday to promote My One In A Million.

It was reported that Carrie looked happy at the event and was all smiles; however, she didn’t seem to interact much with co-lead Lawrence.

Amidst the flurry of leaked texts, it was also revealed that both Ian and Carrie had criticised Lawrence, who replaced the late Aloysius Pang in this drama.

This caused Lawrence to subtly clap back on Instagram where he quoted an excerpt of a media interview where he spoke of his struggling journey to be an actor since he had “no backing from a rich company” and “didn’t come from a (talent) competition”.

But Carrie has since apologised for the remarks and the stars have moved on.

Carrie revealed that they had a positive and happy environment during the shoot and described Lawrence as “very professional”.

She said: “Everyone completed the shoot with a smile. I’m very grateful for that.”


Throughout the troubled times, one thing remained unwavering and that was the support from Carrie’s boyfriend, Boris Lin.

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[公開聲明] 大成台灣律師事務所林天財律師代當事人林柏澍先生聲明如下: 茲據當事人林柏澍先生委稱: 「我們很好,謝謝大家! 事到如今,我覺得我有義務向大家說明,我認為,當我另一半需要我時,我並不在她的身旁。我為我的另一半做得實在不夠多、也不夠好。 方先生與我的另一半本來就是很要好的朋友,說話時常開玩笑,有時用詞比較率性, 在整件事情上,我認為,除了方先生在一些言行上較為主動外,我的另一半並沒有做錯任何事情。 希望在這件事情過後,方先生可以不要再試著介入我們的感情,並且尊重自身的生活及身邊的朋友。 謝謝社會大眾對我們的關心,你們的支持,是我們走下去的最大力量。此事已進入司法程序,散布、轉載影片資訊者,恐將受到最高兩年以下有期徒刑;洩露他人個資者,亦恐將受到最高五年以下有期徒刑。 浪費這麼多媒體資源,我們於心不安。 謝謝新傳媒的幫助,也再次謝謝大家,我們很好。」 以上。 在此也提醒大家 意圖散布於眾,而指摘或傳述足以毀損他人名譽之事者,為誹謗罪,最高可處一年以下有期徒刑。 散布文字、圖畫犯前項之罪者,可處兩年以下有期徒刑。 希望此事件可以告一段落。 最後 謝謝Lawrence的諒解 謝謝大家對我們的關心

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At the height of the controversy, Boris released a statement declaring that Carrie had done nothing wrong and repeatedly stressed that they were doing fine.

Most recently, the couple returned from their vacation in Australia where, according to Boris’ Instagram post, they seemed to have had a lot of fun.

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When asked whether the couple’s love had grown stronger in light of the scandal, Carrie told Lianhe Zaobao: “Each couple goes through different things and I’m very grateful that he has been supporting me this whole time.”

As for what made Boris her “one in a million”, she replied: “He’s been brought up well and is very polite.

“Fate and feelings are very important. Not everyone can meet their ‘one in a million’ and you have to meet the right person at the right time.”


Two weeks ago, Carrie was thrust into the spotlight again as news broke of her losing her role on Wawa Pictures’ upcoming drama Gong Xing Ji.

While there was speculation that it might have something to do with the texting scandal, Wawa’s chief creative director, Molby Low, promptly shot it down and cited scheduling conflicts as the reason behind it.

In response to queries about this, she told Lianhe Zaobao: “This isn’t the first time I’ve been dropped from a role. It’s just that this news has been associated with the scandal and people are speculating.

“However, I really am busy with other things and I heard that the character is supposed to be mature and in her 30s.

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“Maybe they don’t think I look mature enough, but I’m not too clear on the details as everything is handled by my manager.”


Despite the setback, Carrie has learnt a valuable lesson from this incident and will be more mindful of how she behaves in the future.

She explained: “As celebrities, unfortunately, our private lives will always be in the spotlight so we have to be more aware of our behaviour and actions.”

Image: Carrie Wong’s Instagram
Text: Bryan Lim / AsiaOne / July 2019

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