Celebrities Who Have Survived Abusive Relationships


When photos of Rihanna first circulated on the World Wide Web, everyone was shocked by her bruised face because, how can such a powerful woman be a victim of domestic abuse? But it shines the light on the fact that domestic abuse victims don’t have a specific profile. They’re not necessarily weak; they’re not necessarily quiet—they could be the strongest women we know. But they all share one thing in common: they are victims.

If they’re so strong, why not just speak up then?

It’s easier said than done. For some victims, they hold on to the hope that someday, their loved ones would change and stop the abuse. For others, there’s just no getting out for fear of their lives or those around them. Some of them don’t even know why they keep holding on.

Based on an article on The Straits Times, spousal abuse is the most common form of family violence in Singapore. Family violence can also involve children, the elderly or anyone in a domestic setting. While intimate partner violence can be considered domestic violence if a couple cohabits, you can’t discount the seriousness of the former even if the couple are not living together.

In fact, abuse doesn’t only take physical form, but also emotional form. More importantly, know that it is possible to leave an abusive relationship and you’re not wrong for doing that, no matter how much the abuser tries to tell you otherwise. These celebrities who have been in abusive relationships share their stories.

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