This Animation Is So Impactful That Disney Reportedly Offered The Creator A Job

Animations are no less powerful than movies. Inside Out probably made you bawl your eyes out in a similar way that (but for a different reason than) Me Before You did.

One animation by Jacob Frey not only moved hearts, but also caught the attention of Disney who offered him a job, Omeleto reported.

The animation in question is The Present, which tells the story of a boy who received a three-legged puppy as a gift from his mother. He initially refused to give the puppy any attention, but after witnessing the puppy’s tenacious nature despite its disability, he was moved.

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The surprise for the audience came when the boy stood up from the sofa where he was playing games and it was revealed that like the puppy, he too was disabled, missing the lower half of his left leg.

According to The Present’s Facebook page, the storyline was based on a comic strip by Fabio Coala Cavalcanti. The four-minute video is Jacob’s graduation short.

Prepare some tissue paper and watch the video below.

Image: Facebook


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