Someone Is Suing Beyonce For $28 Million. Here’s Why

Beyonce might have gained a lot of attention with Lemonade, but it seems not everyone is too happy about it. The singer is being sued for sampling an audio in her hit song without permission.

The disputed audio was heard in the intro of “Formation”: “What happened at the New Wildins?” and “B****, I’m back. By popular demand.”

Later on in the song, the same male singer could be heard saying, “I like that.”

Reports have it that the voice belonged to deceased social media star/rapper Messy Mya, and was allegedly taken from his YouTube videos, “Booking The Hoes From New Wildin” and “A 27-Piece Huh?”.

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Messy Mya’s family claimed that Beyonce didn’t ask them for permission to use the late rapper’s works.

Washington Post reported that the rapper’s sister is suing Queen Bey and seeking more than US$20 million ($28.3 million) in royalties and damages.

They have allegedly contacted the singer a few times to seek compensation.

Beyonce’s camp has yet to issue a statement about the lawsuit.

Image: TPG/Click Photos

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