The Complete Timeline of Rob and Chyna’s Romance

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s romantic get-together drew no more than a few eyerolls at the start of the year. But blink and whaddayaknow, they’re having a baby and just released their own reality TV series. That escalated quickly.

Haven’t been keeping up? We did so you don’t have to (no really, that’s why). Here’s an easy chronological account of their 2016 whirlwind love:



Chyna confirms their conscious coupling (hi, Gwyneth) with an Instagram post captioned “the beginning”.

Reports say that Chyna is helping Rob get back in shape, and that the couple have moved in together.

Chyna is arrested at Austin Airport for drunk and disorderly behaviour, and Rob drives for more than 20 hours to pick her up.



For Valentine’s Day, Rob showers his new girl with an enormous bouquet of red roses and a giant custom portrait that cost him a cool USD$35,000.



Break-up rumors abound just a few days after Rob declares his love for Chyna.

It’s said that the Kardashians are turning against Rob for dating her, but the rumors are shut down.

The couple head to Legoland with Chyna’s son Cairo for Rob’s early 29th birthday celebration.



Rob proposes to Chyna with a 7-carat diamond ring worth USD$325.000. She says yes, and they mark the occasion at a strip club.

Rob reveals that he’s lost 50 pounds since January and credits Chyna for it.



The couple confirms via matching posts on Instagram that they’re expecting their first child together.



E! network announces the couple’s new docu-series.

“Very few love stories have created as much pop culture buzz as Rob and Chyna’s, and we are thrilled to see Rob in such a happy place.”



Rob deletes all but one of his Instagram posts and unfollows Chyna.



Kylie Jenner supposedly planned a baby shower for Rob, but without Chyna. He retaliated by tweeting Kylie’s number to his 6.7 million followers.


Last Sunday’s episode of Rob & Chyna saw the Kardashian calling his finacee “psycho” and “crazy”, and he also accused her of having “serious anger issues.” The model shot back by saying that he’s a “psychopath”, has “chemical imbalance” and is “lazy as f***”.

We’re not sure what turn the relationship will next take, but hey, we’re watching ok?

Image: Blac Chyna’s Instagram

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