Harry Styles Was Sexually Assaulted At A Concert


Just a day after we posted an article about the sexual harassment that women face in the local entertainment industry, one woman’s actions reminded us that men can also be victims of sexual assault: A female fan molested Harry Styles at Hollywood Bowl last weekend.

The One Direction member was performing his set when he approached the edge of the stage to get closer to the fans. As fans clamoured to get closer to the singer, a female fan reached out to grab his crotch.

The singer quickly put his hands out to stop her and backed away while maintaining his composure.

What the fan did, obviously, constituted molestation and sexual assault, and is a crime. Other fans are enraged by her behaviour, and it’s only fair that they are.

Harry isn’t the only celebrity to have been sexually harassed or assaulted by fans. In South Korea, a male fan posted a photo of himself humping a Suzy standee and making a derogatory remark in the caption.

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon was also recently sexually assaulted by fans when they touched her body inappropriately at Jakarta’s airport.

While Suzy’s agency took legal actions against the male fan, Taeyeon forgave her fans and attributed their actions to over-zealousness.

However, this isn’t a valid excuse for such actions. No matter how excited you may be, inappropriate groping is NOT the way to express your feelings. Sexual assault, whether done to a woman or a man, is a wrong and unlawful.

Being a celebrity shouldn’t make Harry, Suzy, Taeyeon and other celebrities more susceptible to sexual assault.

No factor, be it gender, occupation or social status, should make one a more likely victim of sexual assault.

Image: TPG/Click Photos

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