More On Ian Fang-Carrie Wong Drama: Xiaxue Releases Video

It contained more leaked texts.


The Ian Fang-Carrie Wong drama broke three days ago, but just when you thought all was good after Carrie apologised to Lawrence Wong, there seems to be more tea.

Xiaxue released a video on Instagram stories this morning, which had a video of a WhatsApp conversation. The blogger wrote, “I got a new video ALLEGEDLY leaked from Carrie’s phone—sent to me by a follower.

“WhatsApp chats with a Gabriel Wong—presumably Carrie’s good friend, talking about how guilty she felt about Ian and discussing Carrie’s boyfriend (presumably named Boris) and a “becks”, which is presumably Ian’s girlfriend.”


As for the texts itself, Xiaxue claimed it’s “quite tame”, in comparison to the initial steamy DMs between Ian and Carrie that were leaked.

By 11.40am, though, Xiaxue had deleted the Instagram Stories of Carrie’s WhatsApp messages “upon Carrie’s request”.


We dived into the video and to quote Xiaxue’s previous comment on the initial leaks, it was also “f***ing testing (our) eyesight to the max”.

The conversation started with Carrie telling Gabriel that “he (presumably Ian) stayed over at (her) place”.

She clarified: “We still didn’t do anything. He just slept.”

Gabriel responded: “He wanted to see you. He was the one who asked you to join. He can’t control.”

However, Carrie started to express her guilt since Ian has a relationship with a certain “Becks”, which is a common nickname for those with the name ‘Rebecca’.

She wrote: “But becks how? You know becks things are in his place leh.

“(Apparently) sometimes she stayed (sic) over with him one.”

It’s been rumoured that Ian, the other party in the centre of the scandal, is dating local actress Rebecca Lim.

Since news of the leaked DMs broke, celebrities like Zoe Tay and David Gan have voiced their support of Rebecca on Instagram.


Carrie also admitted that her father had questioned her about her “situation with Ian”.

She added: “I said it’s complicated. Then he said go and settle (your) complications and don’t bring it back home.

“And he said do not hurt Boris in (any way).”

Carrie also revealed that she doesn’t know how to handle the situation and feels like “f***”.

The actress also told Gabriel that she thinks she has to “stop seeing him”, who she clarified in a later text as Ian.

On Valentine’s Day this year, Carrie had gone official with her beau Boris Lin on Instagram but deleted the post overnight.

After Ian and Carrie’s explicit DMs were leaked in screengrabs on Tuesday (May 14), Carrie mentioned in a statement that she was “grateful to (her) boyfriend for his trust”.

When a video of the full conversation surfaced, the duo then got into hot water for criticising Lawrence Wong.

Carrie has since apologised and her boyfriend even commented, stating that he will always be “by (her) side”.




Carrie also disclosed that while at her place, Ian said she should have gone over to his place instead.

When she asked why he didn’t suggest it, he explained that he was “scared” that she would mind the fact that there were “other people’s things” there.

However, she pointed out that she has her boyfriend’s things at her place too.

According to the messages, Boris called at that time, which Ian told her to answer.

She exclaimed: “Wtf what kind of situation is this? It’s so messed up I don’t even know how.”

Gabriel responded: “You both wanna be with one another but have someone else.”



The moral struggle was clear in the exchange as Carrie was deeply troubled by the fact that their partners are nice people.

She said: “You cannot hurt one. They are so nice, so nice.”

When Gabriel pointed out that it’s not so much that Ian is attached but “who he is attached with”, Carrie concurred: “Yah, becks I really cannot. She is so nice.

“She (doesn’t) deserve all (this) also.”

Carrie even contemplated stepping away to avoid playing with fire and mentioned leaving “him and Becks there”; though we’re unsure as to what she’s referring to by ‘there’.

However, she also acknowledged that she really misses Ian and wants to “spend time with him”.

She even wrote: “I still feel f***ing jealous one.”

Gabriel advised her that she shouldn’t have to “hide B’s stuff” if he “doesn’t hide” his partner’s.

He said: “You don’t need to. Don’t have to let him feel you are more willing than him to upset your partners due to your love.”


In a statement to AsiaOne, the head of The Celebrity Agency (TCA) Ivy Low, said: “Carrie Wong and Ian Fang have sought legal advice and made police reports about the leak and exposure of their private messages.

“TCA continues to provide advice, counsel and support for all parties. As the matter is now with the police, TCA and the artistes will not be commenting further.”

Previously, in response to the initial leaked DMs, both Ian and Carrie admitted that they’re close friends, and that the conversation was made in jest and not meant to be taken seriously.

It’s also been theorised in reports that the leak occurred because Carrie lost her phone.

Others also suspect that whoever recorded the video could have done so while the phone was left unattended.

Regardless, it seems like Carrie’s texts are leaking more than a faulty faucet.

Perhaps, she might want to consider keeping such thoughts (and her phone for the matter) closer to her vest.

Text: Bryan Lim / AsiaOne / May 2019
Images: Instagram


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