Indonesian President’s Daughter Received The Best Wedding Gift Ever

It was given personally by the president of South Korea.


It pays to know people in high places, and Indonesian president Joko Widodo’s daughter is testament of that. The 26-year-old, who just got married to a property businessman, had a wedding gift delivered by the South Korean president himself.

indonesian president daughter wedding gift

Moon Jae In with Joko Widodo during his recent visit to Indonesia.

President Moon Jae In, who was on a state visit to Indonesia, presented her with a congratulatory video starring SHINee’s Minho, and an EXO signed CD.

indonesian president daughter wedding gift

Choi Minho, a member of K-pop group SHINee

indonesian president daughter wedding gift

K-pop boy band EXO

The daughter of the Indonesian president is known to be a K-pop fan.

President Moon’s visit came just a day after US president Donald Trump’s visit to Seoul. SHINee’s Minho had met USA’s First Lady Melania Trump and he totally stole the thunder. Don’t believe us? This girl’s reaction says everything.

Images: TPG/Click Photos

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