Kim Yoo Jung Taking Immediate Break For Health Issues

kim yoo jung hospitalised for thyroid issues

Kim Yoo Jung who most recently was announced as the new face of Laneige and also star of upcoming drama “First, Clean Passionately” is taking a break from her work and promoting duties immediately as she needs to deal with suden thyroid issues.

Announced today, her agency commented “Kim Yoo Jung went to the hospital due to exhaustion and lack of physical strength. It was discovered that there is a problem with her thyroid function.” While she does not require surgery, her agency stressed she will need to focus on her health while receiving treatment.

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She has already done some filming for her upcoming drama but it’s scheduled release date in April is now uncertain.

This isn’t the first time Kim Yoo Jung has had to receive urgent medical attention, in December 2016 she was hospitalised twice in one week, once for fatigue and again for stress-induced shock. Let’s hope she recovers soon.

Images: TPG

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