Korean Policeman Cross-dresses As A Woman To Catch Criminals

Last week, a Korean policeman made headline news for nabbing more than 20 drug offenders. But the newsworthiness is not only about his feat, but the fact that he disguised himself as a woman during those operations.

According to The Korea Herald, the policeman, Woo Jung Hoon, who works with Anyangmanan Police Station has a slender physique – 170cm tall and 62kg – which makes his disguise look believable, especially when he dons a wig, a mask and a pair of sunglasses.

But don’t underestimate his appearance – the police officer, who joined the force in 2011, is adept in martial arts and has a few silver medals in wushu, and has even participated in kickboxing matches, including qualifiers for national competitions.

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The idea of him dressing up as a woman came about after the police noticed that drug addicts would scour dating apps to look for paid hookups. However, because the Anyangmanan Police Station only has one female police officer, and it was too much of a risk for her to do it alone, Jung Hoon volunteered to do the job.

He told The Korea Herald, “It was embarrassing at first, but other officers gave a heated response and support. That gave me courage.”

The police officer also used his own money to buy the necessities, including lingerie, miniskirts, wigs, tights and heels.

What a dedicated police officer!

Images: Anyangmanan Police Station


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