Local Actor Julian Hee Injured In Assault

It started because of a spat at the carpark.

Local actor Julian Hee suffered a skull fracture after he was assaulted by a fellow motorist following a spat at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre on Wednesday (June 7).

Currently under observation at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Orchard, the 39-year-old says that he intends to press charges against the man for his “unforgivable” act of violence.

Over the phone, he says: “If the injury worsens, I may have facial palsy and paralysis, like a stroke, which needs open brain surgery. I’m also on anti-epilepsy medication because of a blood clot in my brain.”

He claims the blows caused him to black out for about 45 minutes before he woke up to find himself with a bruised face. The police were called in and the actor was taken to Raffles Hospital for treatment.

He says: “The only thing I remembered doing is grabbing onto his shirt and trying to push him away. That’s when he rained his fists on me, on my neck, my head, I think, because I have a lot of bruises on my face. My teeth are chipped.

“I’m also bothered by the fact he went for lunch after assaulting me, according to an eyewitness, while I was on the ground.”

The incident was recounted by Julian on Facebook on Wednesday. He wrote that a man had opened his car door, which knocked his car so hard that the “whole car shook”. He got out of his car and confronted the man and things turned ugly.

“I went down and said, ‘Come on, be careful when you open your door’. He beckoned me to go over to the side to check if there were any dents on my car. I saw a dent on the car door and pointed it out to him. The man said the position of the dent shows that it could not have been caused by his car door. He started to call me names and got very aggressive.”

The actor now says that he is unsure whether the dent was caused by the other man. He says: “The car is a small issue, but the violence that he used is unforgivable.”

A police spokesman confirmed that they were alerted to a case of someone voluntarily causing hurt at 51 Old Airport Road on Wednesday at 1.03pm and that a 39-year-old man was conscious when conveyed to Raffles Hospital. Police investigations are ongoing.

Image: Julian Hee’s Facebook
Text: Gwendolyn Ng / The Straits Times / June 2017

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