Meghan Markle Hides Pregnancy Bump Using This Genius Method


Meghan Markle, aka Suits actress and Prince Harry’s wife, is pregnant. Which means we are expecting a royal baby! Kensington Royal officially broke the news today through their official Twitter account to announce that Meghan and Harry are expecting a baby in Spring 2019.

Rumours have been rife since she was spotted wearing dark colours and loose clothing recently, seemingly attempts to hide the growing bump. When she attended Princess Eugenie’s wedding, she wore a navy blue Givenchy dress and had a barely visible bump.

meghan markle pregnant baby bump

Today, on her first day of her royal tour in Sydney, she was spotted carrying folders (LOL), which netizens suspect was a cover for her baby bump.


“But she was wearing heels!” you might cry out indignantly. But let us remind you that Kate Middleton also wore heels when she was pregnant.


Although some experts have advised against wearing heels because one’s centre of gravity changes after she becomes pregnant, which makes her more prone to losing her balance and falling, it doesn’t affect the development of the baby.

Now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s do the math.

Spring: March to June

She is said to have just done her 12-week scan, which means she should be three months along in her pregnancy, which makes April a likely due date.

Moreover, when Kate was pregnant with Prince George, the announcement was made in January, and she gave birth in July—which means the announcement was made after her first trimester too. Of course, for her subsequent pregnancies, the announcements were made earlier.

Whatever it is, we’re sure the charitable couple would make great parents. After all, have you seen Prince Harry’s interaction with this kid?

Images: TPG/Click Photos

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