One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Is A Trending Topic. Again.

Today in extreme and unnecessary news, on twitter #RespectLouis is trending. Why?

Because it’s been claimed that someone called Louis Tomlinson and told him that they hope his baby dies. WHO DOES THIS?

CRAZIES that’s who. And One Direction tend to bring out that gene in people.

Like, remember when there was a rumour that Louis’ baby was actually just a doll. As if you’d be stupid enough to not think people might notice when the baby stays the same size for the next 10 years?!

And then there was the gem that the baby was called Sydney Rain. And Naughty Boy. Sydney Rain Naughty Boy Tomlinson – again, what IQ do these guys think Louis has? Everyone knows this would NEVER fit on a passport form.

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And don’t even get me started on Briana since according to the rumour mill, she was a surrogate for Harry and Louis’ baby. There just aren’t words!

Seriously, this madness needs to stop. Aren’t they meant to be on a break or something?

Image: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Claire Starkey

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