The Real Reason Why Taylor Swift Missed MTV Video Music Awards

You might have noticed Taylor Swift’s absence from the recent MTV Video Music Awards. No, it wasn’t because she had beef with Kanye West. She had a legit reason: She was being considered for jury duty.

And yes, the 26-year-old showed up for duty, surprising Davidson County residents (and the Internet) in Nashville, Tennessee. But unlike her fellow jurors, she came in security in tow.

Now, what would you do if you walked into the courthouse and realised that Tay Tay was on duty with you? Take selfies with her, of course! The Blank Spacesinger obliged about 15 to 20 people who asked her for a photo or autograph in the holding area.


“She’s about as famous as they come, but she couldn’t have been nicer,” said Bryan Merville, a potential juror who owns a technology infrastructure company. “She took the time to talk to every person who asked her for a picture.”

Tracey Bates, another fellow potential juror, was one of the first few who tweeted about this news, stating “I am on jury duty with @taylorswift13”, followed by numerous photos, including one of her with the singer, which were eventually deleted to curb use of her photos online.


However, T-Swift was eventually dismissed as a potential juror in an aggravated rape and kidnapping case. She had raised concerns about the pending civil case that involved sexual assault, as she was allegedly ‘groped’ at a meet-and-greet session by former radio host David Mueller, who sued the pop star for false accusations.

Taylor was said to have told the judge she would be more than willing to serve on a jury in any other type of case. We can’t wait for her next courtroom appearance already!

Image: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Ava Chan


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