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If there’s one thing that best describes Ruby Rose, it’s bada**. The multi-hyphenate, who is known for her strong image and androgynous style, is not only an actress, but also a model, a host and a DJ. And she’s only 32.

As an actress, she has landed roles in popular TV shows such Orange Is the New Black and most recently has reportedly been cast as Batwoman in the Arrowverse crossover, with a standalone TV series set to kick off in 2019. On the silver screens, she was recently spotted battling a megalodon, a giant shark that is thought to be extinct (in the movie, that is. The shark is extinct IRL). Ruby plays Jaxx Herd, an engineer who is part of the crew that is attacked by the megalodon. Want to know how she prepared for her role and more? Read the interview below!

What were some of the highlights of working on The Meg?
Working on The Meg was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had on a film. It was really special. For me, these kinds of films are the most enjoyable ones to work on. Being Australian, I love the water, the marine ecosystem – and sharks. It was fun filming in New Zealand, in the ocean, on a boat, and doing stunts, and working with a great cast.

A film of this scale also must come with unique challenges. Can you talk about those?
We were in the water for a long time, especially during the last week or two of production. I didn’t know how much more water I could take (laughs)! It was intense. But when we finally wrapped those scenes, I wanted to be back there, in the water because it is exciting, despite the physical challenges of always being cold and wet. It helped a lot that we had a great crew and cast. I would go back into that water right now.

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The actors had some prep and training for those swimming and water scenes. What was that like?
We trained in an Olympic-sized pool with several diving boards at different heights above the water. We had to become stronger swimmers, swim in our clothing, and learn to dive. I had so much fun doing all the diving and jumping, that everyone quickly realised that I could easily handle those kinds of stunts, and I think I ended up doing more action than was initially planned for me.

Who impressed you the most of your cast mates as far as their swimming or athletic prowess?
Jason Statham’s commitment to doing his own stunts is incredible. He’s a former competitive diver, and he moves so quickly in the water, and is incredibly fit. I loved talking with him about some of the craziest stunts we’ve done, and what we love about doing action scenes. His physicality is amazing.


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What was your most daunting stunt in the film?
It was during a scene in which I’m in the water and have to swim back to a boat. My clothing, including a layer of thermals to help with the cold, made it really difficult to swim. At some point, Rainn Wilson’s character, Morris, is supposed to throw a ladder to me. But everyone loved how it looked and thought I was doing such a great job, they didn’t realise my shoes had filled up with water and were making me sink to the bottom of the tank we were shooting in. The next thing I know safety divers were grabbing me. I drank a lot of tank water, which I have a feeling is not particularly good for you.

What do you like about your character, Jaxx?
It was a good role to be able to sink my teeth into, for sure. Jaxx is a brilliant scientist and engineer, while being kind of sassy. She’s a strong character and a bit of an outcast, and I appreciated her passion for the ocean. I also enjoyed working with the technology and computer programs Jaxx uses in the film. I even changed up my tattoos for the character. I decided Jaxx would have tattoos, but they would be deeply rooted in her obsession with the ocean. I had tattoos made of an octopus, whale and shark. It brought her whole look and feeling together.


Did you know much about megalodons prior to joining The Meg?
As a kid, I was obsessed with megalodons and dinosaurs because I couldn’t fathom their size. I was always drawing them in school, and when I would do a classroom presentation, it was always about a megalodon. Also, “megalodon” seemed like such a cool name for an animal.

How did the filmmakers convey the enormity of the meg, which is a CG creation?
We were always provided with context, such as computer visualisations and comparisons in size between a meg and a boat, or a meg and a human. I also looked at drawings and photos from newspaper and magazine articles. The design team also created an animatronic shark – or about half a shark – including its head, tail, teeth and eyeball. It was pretty gruesome – and that head was huge. I didn’t want to be in the water with that shark, believe me.

What do you hope audiences experience when The Meg opens in cinemas around the world?
They’ll experience and enjoy a big action thriller, popcorn film. It also has some interesting things to say about marine life, the food chain, and the environment. So, along with all this epic entertainment, there’s a viewpoint about the ocean that will really resonate.

The Meg is currently showing in cinemas.

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