WTF Is SgInstaBabes?


In case you haven’t been following the drama on Xiaxue’s Instagram stories, the social media influencer did an exposé on the owner of SgInstaBabes, a platform that claims to focus on “babes, beauty, above-18 events, nightlife and relevant issues and brands”.

In an interview with Marketing, the owner, Lai Wee Kiat, said that contrary to media reports, SgInstaBabes is not an influencer collective.

In a video posted by the platform, the girls from SgInstaBabes identified themselves as “content creators”.

So… no problem so far, right? Now, the later part of the video is where the problem arose.

In the same video, the girls promoted their Patreon page, which encourages users to pledge a sum of money to get access to the “content creators’” photos and videos and even be a spectator of their photoshoots, depending on the amount given. For $5,000, the donor gets to hang out with the girls at a yacht party.

Their campaign attracted criticisms of them exploiting young girls by making them post in bikinis and participating sexy photoshoots, leading them to address the issue through a series of Insta stories, in which Wee Kiat wrote, among other things, “…I do believe that it’s a girl’s right if she wants to be sexy, and she shouldn’t be shamed for it.”

Xiaxue, or Wendy Cheng, left a comment on SgInstaBabes’ Instagram page to call them out for objectifying women and preying on young girls, and likened them to being a pimp, which was later deleted by the admin of the account. Wee Kiat then defended the platform by releasing a statement that included this:

My team and I aren’t trying to objectify women. When I started SgInstaBabes, it was to bring out the vibrancy and the beauty of girls in Singapore, and yes, sometimes being sexy and cheeky too. When I started our Patreon, it was to give a chance to our followers to be more involved in our activities and to fund us. We share more photos, we organize photo shoots and we party. And we’re thankful for all our subscribers, not think that we’re so great and they should feel privileged to join us. That’s it. Anything beyond that is your assumption and extrapolation. Unfortunately, I see that our innocent intentions are being perverted, just like how the dark web would.

Xiaxue then took it to Instagram stories to screenshot the conversations she had with Wee Kiat through direct messages, including one of him claiming to “look up to [her]” and called him out for deleting her comment.

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xiaxue sginstababes

Following her Insta stories, one girl contacted her, claiming to have been approached by Wee Kiat when she was 15. He told her he “went through some of her photos” and described her body as “crazy hot” (may we remind you that she was 15 at that time).

xiaxue sginstababes

He went on to request for bikini photos of her and made inappropriate comments, such as telling her she had “no a**” after she sent a back view photo of her in a bikini. (Again, we have to emphasise that she was 15 years old.)

xiaxue sginstababes

Xiaxue accused him of being a pedophile, but he sent her a direct message to claim he wasn’t the one who sent the message. He also said he has been advised by his lawyers to “stay low”and added, “I’m sure if I’m touching any of the girls inappropriately, they would have taken this chance to say it out,” and that it would be his final reply to her.

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xiaxue sginstababes

And Xiaxue being Xiaxue, continued her exposé on him.

Wee Kiat told Marketing earlier today, “I too would like to apologise for my behaviour in the past, which has been brought up recently on social media, with some matters going as far back as seven years ago. Some of the [stories] have been exaggerated, but I know parts of them are true.”

SgInstaBabes Instagram page has since been deleted, although their website, Facebook and Patreon pages still exist. At the time of publishing, their Patreon page has 87 “patrons” – the term used by the platform to identify donors.

Wee Kiat told Marketing that the platform is undergoing a revamp. He said, “If the account is to go live again, I personally will not be in charge or involved in any of SgInstaBabes’ activities anymore.”

Watch Dee Kosh’s video on SgInstaBabes below.

Image: Screenshot of Patreon’s website

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