Skai Jackson Reveals How It’s Like To Become An Internet Meme

And also the number one rule to follow on social media.

Meet Skai Jackson, a 14-year-old who’s known to most tweens as a Disney actress from her roles on shows like Bunk’d and Jessie. But for the rest of the world, she’s known as an Internet meme and the teen girl who clapped back at Azelia Banks with extreme eloquence. In an email interview with CLEO, Skai tells us how it feels to learn that a random outfit photo you took has become a meme, and what to do when you have to deal with online trolls.

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  1. What were your feelings initially when you found out that you’ve become a meme?
    When I first saw the meme I didn’t really understand why people were using my picture with a whole bunch of different captions, but when I saw the rest of them I couldn’t help but laugh! They are so funny and I have a great sense of humor so I didn’t take it seriously!
  2. Earlier this year, you were applauded on social media for standing up to Azealia Banks without resorting to vulgarities or derogatory insults. What are some social media rules that you always abide by?
    One of the most important rules of social media is just to ignore the haters/trolls! Of course it would bother anyone if thousands of people were saying hurtful stuff on your social media pages, but know that your only living for yourself and no one else.
  3. Do you have any words of advice for people who are dealing with online trolls?
    I would say it may be hard at first but everything will get better and try to ignore it! If you show that you care, they will bother you even more. Also, the easiest thing to do is just to hit that “block” button. Haha!
  4. As a child star, it must be tough to have to grow up under constant public scrutiny. How do you cope? What keeps you grounded? 
    What keeps me grounded is having the support of my family and friends and being around people who have positive things to say no matter what you are going through!
  5. What’s next for Skai Jackson?
    I’m working on an animated TV series for DreamWorks called Wee Dragon 6. I can’t share too much about it right now, but my character is very different from Zuri on Bunk’d! You guys will love it 🙂


Images: Lauri Levenfeld
Text: Sophie Hong


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