Livestreamer’s $13.7million Wedding Had Celebrity Performers

If you thought you’ve seen some of the grandest weddings, wait till you see the wedding party of Chinese livestreamer Xin You Zhi.

The 29-year-old, who has over 20 million followers, pull out all the stops for his nuptials with fellow internet star Chu Rui Xue on Aug 18.


He spent a whopping 70 million yuan (S$13.7 million) on the massive celebration, with the majority of it going to engaging a total of 42 celebrities for performances at the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium in Beijing.


From Jackie Chan to G.E.M. and even Wang Lee Hom, his lineup of wedding performers would make you think you were attending a concert.


During the party, the singers delivered a mixture of fast-paced numbers and stirring ballads to the crowd.

Then, You Zhi and Rui Xue, who is expecting their second child, appeared onstage to exchange their vows.

Knowing that his wife is a fan of Cecilia Cheung’s, You Zhi invited the star to perform at the event. When Cecilia surprised the bride with a wedding gift, the latter was moved to tears.


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You Zhi is perhaps better known as a top e-commerce retailer on social apps such as Kuaishou and was reported to have made products fly off the shelves within minutes.

Ever the shrewd businessman, the groom continued to sell products via livestream during the two-hour-long party. He recuperated his costs and even raked in an additional 30 million yuan, a source told Chinese media.

Although they’re not the first couple to livestream their wedding, You Zhi and Rui Xue certainly threw a party that many would remember.

Images: Weibo
Text: Lam Min Lee / AsiaOne / August 2019

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