Crazy Rich Asians: Is The Chinese Cast An Accurate Representation?


In case you’ve been living under a rock, the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians dropped earlier this week and people have a lot of thoughts about it.

Since the movie is set in Singapore, it’s only natural that it’s generating a lot of hype amongst us at the moment. Over in the US, Asian-Americans are generally excited for the first Hollywood movie to feature an all-Asian lead cast in 25 years. However, here in Singapore, we seem to have very mixed feelings about this movie. People have pointed out that the lack of minorities featured is problematic in itself, and isn’t an accurate representation of Singapore. Another major gripe that people have is that you couldn’t hear a peep of Singlish anywhere in the trailer. Here are a few different takes on the movie’s cast so far…

Adrianna Tan, CEO of Wobe (an app that enables low-income groups in Indonesia to set up a small business) and founder of non-profit Gyanada Foundation (which provides girls in India with bond-free scholarships), took to Twitter to give her take on the debate around Crazy Rich Asians, and why the movie isn’t wrong to feature a largely Chinese cast who speak without a Singaporean accent.

Also, she gave a pretty interesting history lesson at the same time. Scroll through the gallery below for her thread of tweets.

On the other end of the argument, local playwright Alfian Sa’at criticised the movie for its “brown backdrop people”, and question whether “a win for representation mean replacing white people with white people wannabes”.


There’s also been some comparisons of Crazy Rich Asians to Black Panther, but as Statement (the brand behind the super Singaporean slogan tees) founder Visakan Veerasamy pointed out, the movie’s themes and motivations are vastly different from Black Panther’s celebration of black culture.


TL;DR: there are a lot of different takes on Crazy Rich Asians castings so far, but whatever yours is, please don’t call it our version of the Black Panther.

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