BIGBANG looks smokin’ hot in their new MV

Korean boy group BIGBANG dropped their latest music video last night to much fanfare, but we’re not quite sure how we feel about it—yet.

The MV sees the five lads in doing things you’d see in a typical K-pop music video (Taeyang and Seungri breaking into dance moves) and something you’d probably only see in a BIGBANG videobattling an astronaut (uhmm, OK). Sounds mind-boggling? Yes, our minds were boggled too.

Nonetheless, quirkiness is BIGBANG’s formula and it works for their latest release, “Bang Bang Bang”.

But if we were to nit-pick, here’s one thing we’re kinda on the fence about: Taeyang’s hairstyle.

Oh, Taeyang. We thought we’d finally see you with a nice hairstyle again when “Loser” was released. Why did you dye your hair cotton candy pink? With a centre parting? Please excuse us while we mourn for the demise of his blond days. Maybe we’ll get used to the pink ‘do. Maybe.

Images: Bang Bang Bang music video

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