The Exact Number Of Calories In Brands Of Milk Tea In Singapore

Unless you haven’t been online for the past month, you’d probably have heard about the transparent milk tea from Japanese brand Suntory that has taken Singapore by storm.

For the record, the Suntory Tennensui Premium Morning Milk Tea looks like water, but it is tea. A special distillation method is used to separate the tea leaves, milk fat and milk protein from the milk tea, while retaining the tea flavours, lactose and milk minerals.

That’s why this transparent drink tastes pretty much like the usual bottled milk tea – just on the lighter side. Does this mean it’s lighter in calories, fat and carbs too? We compare the Suntory Tennensui Premium Morning Milk Tea with four other brands of bottled milk tea.

Images: Huy Pham / Shape Singapore
Text: Estelle Low / Shape Singapore / December 2017
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