Hello Kitty Charms EZ-Link

Here’s one more charm to add to your collection: A Hello Kitty charm that can also double up as your ez-link card.

The uber-cute charms come in four designs and function the same way as your normal ez-link card: You can use it for public transport, including taxis, as well as for shopping and dining. All you gotta do is tap it on the machine, as you would with your normal transport card.

Need to top it up? Just head to any ez-link card channels, including ATMs, and keep doing what you’ve been doing.

The Hello Kitty charm will retail for $24.90 each (no stored value). You can also buy all four as a set online at $99.60, from April 30 onwards. We can’t wait!

Images: EZ-Link, TPG/Click Photos

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