Jacqueline Wong Might Be Coming Back To TV Soon


About four months after Jacqueline Wong stayed off-the-radar following her kissing scandal with Andy Hui in April, it looks like the TVB actress could be making a comeback soon.

Her comeback has received an unexpected boost from the demonstrations that have rocked Hong Kong for many weeks now.

Given that the police in Hong Kong have been criticised for their heavy-handed response to the protesters, broadcaster TVB is understandably careful not to rock its commercial boat by taking sides.

Wary about displeasing Beijing, reports have surfaced that TVB is facing a scheduling headache, with shows featuring the police or triads—gang members allegedly beat up protesters in Yuen Long MTR station in July—being put on hold for now.

That has left a vacuum, reported the hket portal, with talk that the non-controversial show Finding Her Voice, which features Jacqueline, has been tapped for screening.

This is a lucky break for the actress whose scenes in Forensic Heroes IV, for example, were reshot at great expense after her kissing scandal broke and she became a liability to TVB.

She is now reportedly pursuing an acting-directing course in Los Angeles though there is speculation too that she could be in Canada where she did her university studies.


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If Finding Her Voice pops up soon on screens, that development will go some way to repair Jacqueline’s image and placate sponsors who were upset when their campaigns linked to her were left in a limbo after the cheating expose.

But even as Jacqueline finds a quicker, unexpected way back to show business, other artists have also felt the impact from the Hong Kong crisis.

Miriam Yeung, for instance, was slammed by mainland Chinese after she posted her support for a man who fell to his death while protesting about an extradition bill, which has since been abandoned.

But Miriam regained favour again after she posted that she “loves China and Hong Kong” and her TVB show, Wonder Women, is set to air in October.

Meanwhile, top TVB artist Ali Lee’s Death By Zero is said to have been yanked from airing this year due to her perceived pro-democracy views.

She has since posted that such thoughts have never crossed her mind.

Image: Jacqueline Wong’s Instagram
Text: Loh Keng Fatt / The Straits Times / August 2019

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