3 Japanese-Italian Restaurants to Try This Weekend

Mamma mia, it's oishii!

Japanese Italian

If you think about it, Japanese and Italian cuisine have lots in common. Both are all about seasonal ingredients, attention to detail, and simple flavours layered in interesting ways. So it makes sense that Japanese-Italian cuisine is a thing, with a fair share of eateries here in Singapore specialising in this match made in gastronomic heaven. Here are three to try this weekend.

Miryoku Bistro

If you’re new to Japanese-Italian cuisine, a great place to start is Miryoku Bistro at Kallang Leisure Park. This charming eatery has a newly-launched menu of affordable dishes made with premium ingredients.

Teriyaki Pizza

Standouts include the Teriyaki Chicken Pizza (above), $14.90, which features succulent chicken on a home-made pizza base, topped with teriyaki and tomato sauce.Beef-Monacchi

Then there’s the Beef Monacchia (above), $18.90—juicy ribeye beef steak wrapped in a blanket of crisp puff pastry with umami wine sauce served on the side.

japanese dishes

Another one for beef lovers, the Premium Donburi (above), $18.90, features juicy Koro Koro Beef Steak slices sitting atop fragrant Hokkaido rice. Top up $3 to add a helping of scrumptious pan-seared foie gras (a no-brainer!).

weekend food spots

Don’t leave without trying the DIY Ferris Wheel Delights, which showcases eight canapes of your choice, including Aburi Hotate with Truffle Paste, Shoyu Ikura, Salmon Mentai, Salmon Tobiko, Negitoro, Chirashi, Ebi Cocktail and Tamago, served on nori cups imported from Tokyo. This one’s made for the ‘gram!


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