Do You Know Any Male Colleagues Who Do This One Thing?

Here's what it is.

You’ve probably heard of “mansplaining” by now. But even if you haven’t, you’ve probably had a guy mansplain things to you several times in your life before.

It’s when a man explains something to you in a condescending or patronising manner, which shouldn’t be the case at all because 1) he’s assuming you don’t know enough about the subject and 2) even if you don’t know enough about the subject, he should be explaining things to you in a considerate manner.

This means he doesn’t sigh, roll his eyes or talk over you. Basically, he doesn’t treat you like an unintelligent being. Because when he does, he’s mansplaining.

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Then there’s also “hepeat”, which is when you share an idea and it goes ignored, but then a man brings up the exact same idea and everyone loves it. Simply put, it gained traction when it was put forth by a man.

Nicole Gugliucci, an astronomer and professor, first used the term on Twitter in September and said that a friend came up with it. The tweet has since been retweeted 68,000 times, and women all over the world have started to tweet about their own experiences with hepeating.

And though it usually takes place at the workplace, many have said that it also happens at home.

While there’s still a lot that can be done about sexist conversational habits, at least now we now know how to call out mansplaining and hepeating. Baby steps, right?

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