Malaysians Have Been Dissing Miss Singapore International But She Doesn’t Give AF


If you’ve been on social media last weekend, you’d have seen the personal attacks made against Miss Singapore International Charlotte Chia.

The 21-year-old mode, who bagged the Miss Singapore International crown in July, will represent the country in in the Miss International pageant in Tokyo in November. She has been compared with Charmaine Chew, her Malaysian rival.

Netizens, including many from Malaysia, have posted some pretty nasty remarks about Charlotte.

Malaysian netizens, gushing over Charmaine’s looks that they say can stand up to the top lookers from South Korea, feel that Charlotte is not in the same class.

One person wondered why Singapore could not have picked a more attractive candidate.

Others noted that Charlotte looks like a canteen aunty and even Rosie Phua, the character from the hit sitcom Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd.

The online dissing started when a netizen posted a collage of pictures of the beauty queens from South-east Asia, with favourable reactions garnered for the girls from Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

But Charlotte has her defenders who said the photo of her in the collage does not do her justice, and slammed the detractors as bullies.

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They noted that there are glamorous pictures of Charlotte in her social media accounts and one of these should have been used alongside the polished photos of the other beauty queens for a fair comparison.

One person said beauty is subjective anyway and that Charlotte, a University of Sydney graduate, combines brains with looks.

Another netizen wrote: “Ignore the critics. Go do us proud.”

Charlotte is taking the dissing in her stride.

Posting on Instagram two days ago, she wrote: “I actually didn’t know they (the critics) existed until now, so truly: outta sight, outta mind.”

Replying to a person who said he was speechless over the online attack, Charlotte said: “Ah, don’t mind them.”

Charlotte, who is now busy with catwalk practices, speech training and costume fittings, is ready to bring honour to Singapore.

“My family used to joke about me becoming Miss Singapore when we watched pageants on TV. Never imagined it would actually happen.

“These coming months, I want to make you even prouder.”

Image: Shin Min Daily News
Text: Loh Keng Fatt / The Straits Times / October 2019

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