#NoLeaveVacay: We Tried Out Anywhr, A Travel Company That Plans Your Holiday For You

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I love travelling and planning the itinerary is half the fun for me. But when you’re a time-strapped millennial who’s struggling to even catch your breath, you barely have time to browse through flights, let alone plan out an entire itinerary for the weekend. Which is why for this second episode of #NoLeaveVaycay, I’ve decided to enlist the help of Anywhr, arguably the most millennial travel company ever.

What can Anywhr do? 

Anywhr is a travel company that does bespoke holidays. To start, sign up for an account on their website and fill up a personality questionnaire. After that is done, you’ll have to fill up another form that covers the specifics of the holiday you’re taking—why you’re doing it, who else you’re travelling with, and your preferences for flights and accommodation. 

You’ll be quoted a price, which covers airfare, accommodation, and a personalised travelogue, which is basically a booklet of things to see, eat and do at your destination. Do note that this price is not inclusive of local transportation or expenses for food and activities. The only things covered by Anywhr are your flights and accommodation. 

A surprise destination? How does that work?

Here comes the fun part: A week after I’ve made payment, I received a teaser email detailing when I should arrive at the airport, which terminal to be at, as well as a packing list. 

A week before the trip, an envelope arrived on my desk. It’s my personalised travelogue, which contains details of my flight, as well as a list of things to see, eat, and do at my destination. 

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You’re not supposed to open this envelope until you’ve reached the airport, so I spent the next seven days trying to figure out where they could be sending me. Depending on your personality type, this aspect would either be super fun or super annoying.  

Where does Anywhr bring you?

Anywhere, really. Just check out the #GOANYWHR hashtag on Instagram for a sampling. 

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I tore open my envelope excitedly at Terminal 4 and found out that I was jetting off to Kota Kinabalu for the weekend. I’ve always known the destination to be for travellers who want to conquer Mount Kinabalu, so imagine my surprise when I found out that I could actually island-hop and snorkel there too. I even managed to squeeze in a food trail, because you’re not doing a holiday in Malaysia right if you’re not stuffed to the brim with food by the end of it.

Watch the second episode of #NoLeaveVacay to see what’s there to eat, see, and do in Kota Kinabalu. 

How much did the trip cost?

My Anywhr cost was around $460, which covers return flights and two nights in a private room at a hostel. Another $150 was more than enough to cover my food, transport and other expenses for the weekend. 

Of course, the price tag is dependent on your trip’s duration, your travel preferences and destination (Anywhr does trips to Europe and North America too). 

Is it worth it? 

I worked it out and found that if I were to book my flights and accommodation on my own, the trip would have been around $150 cheaper. 

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So to answer the question, it really depends on what your travel needs are at the moment. If dealing with all the nitty gritties of international travel sounds like a chore to you right now because you’re clocking insane hours at work, then yes, it’s 100 percent worth it. Go enjoy your holiday without having to put in any legwork.

But if you have your weekends free to plan out your vacay bit by bit, and you’d rather spend that extra money on treating yourself to some nicer meals or experiences on your holiday, then this service would be a luxury, not a need. 

Although I have to admit, the surprise element really is quite fun.

Disclaimer: This trip was not sponsored by Anywhr, but we did get a 15% discount code from them!

We get it—there’s only so much you can travel when you only have 14 days of annual leave to work with. Enter #NoLeaveVacay, CLEO’s guide to nearby destinations that you can jet off to for one whirlwind weekend.

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