10 Comebacks For People Who Tag You Unnecessarily On WhatsApp

In case you haven’t heard, WhatsApp just rolled out a new feature. Sounds exciting? Not quite, if you don’t like to be in group chats. You can’t possibility leave a group chat because someone is just going to add you back and ask why you left. Cue the awkwardness.

This is why some of us have resorted to putting group notifications on mute, especially if they don’t matter to us. But WhatsApp’s new update is a game changer, and we can’t say it’s in a good way. Because by tagging your friend in a group chat, he or she will receive the alert, even if he or she has the group’s alerts on mute. Think of it as tagging someone on Facebook or Instagram – they’re bound to get the notification whether you made the post public or limit your audience.

So what else can you do besides giving WhatsApp a disgruntled glare? Here are some comebacks you might want to use in case you get tagged in a conversation you didn’t want to be a part of. (Also accompanied by an emoji that reflects how you really feel, but we don’t recommend including it as part of your comeback.

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