3 Apps To Get Your Life In Order Post-CNY

Now that the partying and feasting and holidaying of Chinese New Year is over, it’s time refocuse and get back to real life (sob). It’s always tempting to spend all that ang pao money at once, if only to feel better until the next public holiday (which seems so far away). But it would probably be savvier to relax a bit and budget. To help you ease into a more responsible year (after all, what did your horoscopes say?) check out these three apps (all free!) that will make planning, budgeting and even relaxing a little easier.

Zen Koi – A Tranquil Aquatic Journey


This game, developed by local indie game studio Landshark Games lets you breed beautiful Koi that are sure to bring you success and abundant wealth. Find out more about it here.



Chill out with this app developed by Malaysian app designed Mind Valely that’s all about meditiation and keeping your ommmm. Meditation has proven relaxing (and even weight loss!) effects so get started now that the busy holiday period is over. Discover more here.



Now that you’ve got all your ang pao money, what are you going to do with it? This Singapore-based personal finance budgetting assistant helps you save both time and money by automatically linking to many banks and credit cards including DBS, POSB, UOB, OCBC and AMEX. See everything together so you no longer have an excuse to spend without knowing exactly where it’s going. Get it here.

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