4 gadgets to take your selfie game to the next level

We’ve all heard of the selfie stick, or may even be a proud owner of one. In this day and age where a simple selfie can make or break anything in life, we aim for not just the best angle, but also lighting, background, makeup, and everything else you can think of in one shot. In the pursuit of selfie perfection, here are four gadgets you can use to upgrade your selfie game.

1. LuMee Case

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You obviously need good lighting for a great selfie, but controlling the lights wherever you go is as achievable as becoming Gigi Hadid. To eliminate this problem, LuMee light-up phone case has LED lights embedded on both sides. P.S: we heard even Kim K herself swears by this widget.

2. Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

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Loving those interesting angled and close-up photography on Instagram? Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens features a fisheye, wide-angle and two macro lenses in one handy gadget to help you achieve everything your fickly mind might want in a selfie. Not only is this 4-in-1 device multi-functional, its miniature build makes it super easy to carry around too.

3. Brookstone Selfie Light

If you’re not keen on having an LED stuck to your phone case, here’s an alternative. Brookstone Selfie light, is a demountable and chargeable mini flash light with four LED bulbs, and it fits easily into your pocket.

4. Cellfy wrap

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An upgraded and much more versatile version of the selfie stick, the Cellfy wrap is capable of taking selfies and wefies hands free! All you have to do is wrap it around a sturdy object such as a tree or pillar, attach your phone to the suction cups, set the camera timer and bam! Your selfie is served. What’s more, the Cellfy wrap is so much easier to carry around than a protruding stick.

Image: Branislav Ostojic​ / 123RF.com, Brookstone
Text: Chow Rong Qian



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