You Can Now Send GIFs Directly On WhatsApp

Emojis are almost all-encompassing but sometimes, nothing beats a moving image, like a video or GIFs. Of course, your data will skyrocket through the roof if you exchanged videos with your friends all day via WhatsApp. GIFs are like videos, only less data-heavy. And sometimes, Regina George from Mean Girls simply emote whatever you are feeling better than a video of yourself.


Here’s the good news: You can now send GIFs via WhatsApp. Better news? There are two ways to do it.

First, open up the WhatsApp convo you want to send the GIF to.

Then, click on the Add Media button as you would when you want to access your image library.



Tap the search GIF feature and voila, you’ve got a whole library of GIFs at your fingertips.

whatsapp-5 whatsapp-2


Unfortunately, this function works for iOS but not Android, but there’s a way around it.

Both iOS and Android users can download a GIF via their Internet browser and send it by accessing their image library.

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You can also trim the GIF if you think it’s too long.


Once you’re done, tap on the blue arrow and voila, you’ve just sent a GIF!



Image: Panithan Fakseemuang /

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