The Snapchat Hack You Probably Don’t Know

We’ve all read a million stories which are meant to be about Snapchat hacks, but are actually just telling us how to get black and white text again.

But there was one we found out the other day that no one in our whole office had heard of.

Behold – the magical birthday snap.

Go into settings and under birthday there’s a little button called “Birthday Party” – turn this on.

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Now, when anyone who has Birthday Party turned on has a birthday, a little cake appears next to their name – and you can send them a special birthday filter.

Which tbh, we think they’ll appreciate way more than a card, right?

Bonus round: We all know how to get black and white, but if you are feeling particularly artistic and drag your finger from the colour boxes around the screen (not just to the very corners), you can get multiple shades of different colours.

Snapchat game levelled up. 

Image: dennizn /
Text: Claire Starkey

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