5 Cities You Should Visit Over Long Weekends In 2016

In case you haven’t heard, there are six long weekends this year. If you have cash to spare, why not utilise these long weekends for a vacation, so you don’t have to take too much out of your annual leave? Travel search engine KAYAK.sg did some number-crunching and here are five suggestions on where you should go during the long weekends, and – more importantly – when you should book the tickets for the cheapest fares possible. 

  1. Bangkok 

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    Travel period: Good Friday weekend, Mar 25.

    Cheap street food, vibrant night life, and countless shopping spots for bargain hunters – what’s not to love about the capital city of Bangkok? If you’re just there to chill out and relax, we suggest booking at room at Hotel Indigo Bangkok – a charming boutique hotel on Wireless Road, a quaint neighbourhood just a few BTS stops away from the city center.

    Book your tickets in: January, with fares starting from $235.

  2. Taipei

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    Travel period: Labour Day weekend, May 2.  

    From the busy metropolis to scenic hikes in the countryside, Taipei has something to offer to all kinds of travelers. It’s also a pretty nice place to bring your parents for a holiday. If you do, don’t forget to drop by the Beitou public hot springs for a pampering soak.

    Book your tickets in: January, with fares starting from $363. 

  3. Sydney

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    Travel period: National Day weekend, Aug 9.  

    Need a respite from the tropical heat? Then jet off to Sydney, which experiences cool winter temperatures in August. You might not be able to get your surf on, but a walk along Bondi Beach is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Don’t miss the amazing bird show at Taronga Zoo (a 12-minute ferry ride away), which sees the trained birds performing against the spectacular Sydney Skyline. Truly breathtaking.

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    Book your tickets in: May, with fares starting from $457.  

  4. Seoul

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    Travel period: Hari Raya Haji weekend, Sep 12.   

    We’ve watched enough Korean dramas to know that Korea is absolutely beautiful in autumn. Why not plan a romantic getaway with your man around this time? Go anyway even if you’re single – there’s a possibility (slim, but still a possibility) that you might bump into G-Dragon partying it up in the club. Who knows, he might even fall in love with your impression of Drake doing the Hotline Bling. Hey, a girl can dream!

    Book your tickets in: June, with fares starting from $486. 

  5. Hong Kong

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    Travel period: Christmas weekend, Dec 25.   

    Let’s face it, we tend to abandon all exercise and diet plans during the end-of-year festivities. And busting your calorie-count is perfectly justifiable in the face of delicious, Michelin star award-winning dim sum. For more on the delish food Hong Kong has to offer, read our recommendations on the 5 Places To Eat At In Hong Kong.

    Book your tickets in: October, with fares starting from $530. 


Image: 123RF.com/Alexey Poprotsky
Text: Sophie Hong


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