There’s A Cute Peanuts Hotel Opening In Japan This Year

And you'll want to go there.

If you’re a fan of Peanuts – or Snoopy – you’ll be ecstatic to know that there’ll be a themed hotel opening in Kobe, Japan in August 2018.

The hotel will be located in Hyogo prefecture, near Sannomiya Station, which is located in the heart of Kobe.

According to the website, the hotel prides itself on the slogan, “It’s nice to have a home where your guests feel comfortable,” which alludes to the fact that Snoopy’s bird friends could easily sleep over at his house without feeling awkward. We’re guessing they want the hotel to feel more like your home than a temporary dwelling.

The hotel will have three stories – with each floor boasting its own theme of “Imagine”, “Happy” and “Love” – and 18 rooms, each showcasing a different comic. Judging from the “Do not disturb” sign alone, we’re expecting an abundance of cuteness in the rooms!


Reservations will only start from July 9, and more information about the hotel will be released in the same month. You can also complete your Peanuts experience by visiting the Peanuts Cafe and Diner, which will be located adjacent to the hotel.

Of course, these are not the first Peanuts-themed food and beverage establishments opened in Japan. Currently, there’s a Peanuts Diner in Yokohama and a Peanuts Cafe in Tokyo. Both places serve the usual fare found in most cafes, such as pastas, cakes and Insta-worthy drinks.

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The cafe and diner also sells Peanuts merchandise, from T-shirts to tote bags, some of which are also available on their online store.

春のおでかけにぴったり? オリジナル キャンパスショルダー . PEANUTSの仲間たちがプリントされたPEANUTS Cafeオリジナル キャンパスショルダー。 . 大きめのサイズ感は、荷物が多い人にも、マザーズバックにもぴったり。 . ショルダータイプで、たくさん持ってもあんまり疲れなくて使いやすいですよ。 . PEANUTS Cafeオンラインショップでは限定のアートも販売中! . . @peanutscafe_tokyo . #PEANUTSCafe #ピーナッツカフェ #PEANUTSCafetokyo #SNOOPY #PEANUTS #スヌーピー #ピーナッツ#中目黒#目黒川#nakameguro#cafe #カフェ #snoopygrams

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Are you excited? To get to Kobe from Singapore, you can either fly to Tokyo and take a domestic flight to Kobe Airport, or fly to Kansai International Airport and take a train to Kobe. Get ready to be Peanuts-fied this summer!

Image: Peanuts Hotel’s Instagram

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