We Asked Nathan Hartono Some Weird Questions


If you’ve been following Nathan Hartono on Instagram, you’d know that he has a pretty good sense of humour. So when he was recently back in town to promote his latest music video, 爱超给电 (psst, there are two different music videos), we took the opportunity to ask Singapore’s other golden boy (the first one being Joseph Schooling) some really weird questions.

First, we hit him with a series of Would You Rather questions. Watch the video below to find out if he’d rather win the TOTO or let Benjamin Kheng win $500,000, and if he’d rather collaborate with Jay Chou or Ed Sheeran.

We also took the opportunity to ask him what his dating deal breakers are to find out if we stand a chance because we’re sure you, our dear CLEO reader, are curious as well. You’re welcome!


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