5 Bracelets Under $40 That Support Mental Health In Singapore

CLEO SAMH x TMC bracelets under $40

In recent times, there’s been greater coverage on mental health issues, which is great. After all, it never hurts to raise more awareness on the importance of emotional and psychological well-being, especially when they’re not widely discussed.

And in commemoration of World Mental Health Day—which falls on Oct 10—the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) has collaborated with Singapore-based jewellery brand, The Mindful Company (TMC), to launch a bracelet collection.

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Known as the “What’s Important Series”, the collection consists of five bracelets. Each bracelet represents a different theme. The bracelets were inspired by the stories of SAMH’s youth and are meant to represent their courage in seeking help.

“We hope the ‘What’s Important Series’ helps to give individuals the courage to get the assistance they need without fear of prejudice and judgement, and prompts the community to start simple conversations around mental health and wellbeing,” says Ciara Yeo, Co-founder of TMC.

Scroll the gallery to check out the five bracelets and what they each represent.

Want to get one for yourself (and perhaps for a friend)? Each bracelet retails for $39 and can be purchased here.

Also, $10 from the sale of every bracelet goes to SAMH to the funds of SAMH’s youth mental health programmes, specifically YouthReach and Creative Services.

How’s that for dressing nice and doing good?


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