There’s no doubt that sunlight is great for our skin as it gives us that dose of vitamin D, but without proper protection, the harmful UV rays can do damage to your skin and even burn your skin in just 15 minutes. Prolonged exposure to harmful rays—without continuous protection—can lead to common problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation and skin sensitivity.

Damage already done? Fret not, for Japanese brand Curél just launched a new Whitening Moisture Care Series, developed for dry and sensitive skin, with a hypoallergenic formula. The products contain Chamomile ET Extract, a plant-derived ingredient to not only brighten skin tone, but also prevent formation of dark spots as a result of harmful UV rays as well as the active ingredient, ceramide, which will leave your skin radiant and moisturised. In fact, with this range, you can brighten your skin with three simple steps:

Step 1: The Curél Whitening Moisture Lotion II spreads easily across the skin, keeping it moisturised while brightening the skin and preventing dark spots and freckles.

Step 2: The Curél Whitening Moisture Essence aids in suppressing the formation of dark spots at its source and penetrates deeply to reach areas of pigmentation concerns.

Step 3:  The Curél Whitening Moisture Cream is the final product to keep your skin hydrated and radiant, with an airy light after-feel.

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