10 Ultimate Stain Removers

Don’t you just hate it when your fave outfit gets stained? But lbr, most of the time, we can’t bear to chuck it into the bin, especially if we have spent half our monthly salary on it. Here are 10 household items that double up as great (and cheap) stain removers.

1. Sweat stains

Lemon juice + baking soda

2. Deodorant stains

Foam on a hanger or jeans

3. Scruff on patent shoes

Petroleum jelly

4. Scratches on leather

Moisturiser (use a leather moisturiser if you’re afraid of ruining the leather)

5. Oil stains on bags

Baby powder or corn starch

6. Dirt on suede shoes

Nail file or crust of bread

7. Red wine stain

White wine

8. Oil stains on clothes

Dishwashing liquid

9. Water stains

Distilled white vinegar

10. Grass stain

White toothpaste (and toothbrush)

Image: lassedesignen / 123RF.com

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