Let it be known that I, Grace Yeoh, digital writer of CLEO, rarely make resolutions. I like having the freedom to experiment and explore my future, without being tied down to the promises I made myself in the past. Besides, I always felt that resolutions were built on a flawed premise – that our future selves would want the same things our past selves wanted.

That said, I think I’m quite astute on the self-awareness front. After 25 years, I believe I know myself well enough and that includes my personal style. So, with great resolve and determination, these are three fashion related resolutions I will try my utmost to keep to this year.

1. Don’t be fooled by sales  
I admit that I’m typically Singaporean when it comes to this: I love sales. Everytime I spot an item that’s so affordable, I get sucked into the mentality of ‘buy now, think later’. No surprise when these low quality goods don’t last.  However, more often than not, the only reason I get lured in by sales is because of the prices, without realizing that not getting a cheap item will always be better than getting it even if I don’t really want it.

2. Quality over quantity
This is my first year being a full-time working adult. The good news: I am no longer running on a student’s allowance and therefore, don’t need to scrimp and save just to get a pair of $50 shoes. This year, I resolve to cut out all unnecessary expenditure of cheap tees and tank tops. Instead, I’ll invest in pricier, but infinitely better quality, pieces.

3. Be more adventurous with my style
I’m learning that there are few rules with fashion. In fact, in my rule book, the only rule that should be adhered to is this: there is no harm trying. Even though I know my style is casual and laidback, I vow to expand my wardrobe to include brands and styles I’ve always wanted to try, but was afraid to.

Here’s to being fearless in fashion. 2015, come at me. 

Main image source: TPG