Ever wondered how celebrities look so perfect while walking down the red carpet in form-fitting dresses? Well, part of the reason (besides extensive hours spent pumping at the gym), is shapewear.

While we look fabulous every day, there are days when our confidence take a dip and we turn to alternatives to make us feel better (we feel you, we’re totes the same). Lucky for us, there’s a ready option called shapewear. Here’s how you should go about buying the right one.

  1. Check the tag for nylon content
    The higher the nylon content, the better the shapewear can alter your figure. You can also have a feel of the fabric to get a better sense of what to look out for. If it’s smooth and lightweight, it can help with certain area of your body. If it’s heavy, it can do wonders.

  2. For a tummy tuck, go straight for the high waist
    The right high-waist shapewear to get should go up to your bra line. This will ensure a smooth fix all the way to your torso.

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  3. Stick to your own size
    Most women like to opt for a size smaller, thinking that could lead to better results. But that can backfire and lead to bulges and discomfort, and also make you look bigger.

  4. Choose cotton-blend shapewear to keep cool
    Nylon and spandex are what most women go for, as they’re both synthetic fabrics that don’t allow much breathing space. However, those are more suitable for colder climates where you need to preserve your body heat. For hotter climates like ours, stick to lighter versions that include cotton for better breathability.

Image: Dean Drobot / 123RF.com
Text: Janice Sim
Additional text: Hidayah Idris