We all understand the pain of getting stopped by security and being checked from head to toe when you know that you don’t pose a security risk or have anything dangerous on you. But more often than not, your choice of outfit could be the reason why you’re being pulled aside. Here are five things you should avoid wearing to the airport if you want to breeze through airport security.

  1. Maxi dresses or skirt
    Unless you like to be patted down from head to toe, we suggest forgoing maxis. We completely understand how comfortable they are, but sadly, the officers do not agree. They would have to check that you’re not hiding anything under that skirt, so really, it’s not worth it!
  1. Fashionable (aka troublesome) shoes
    Some airports require you to remove your shoes while going through the scanner, so wearing a shoe that laces up all the way to your knee or knee-high boots will not do you any good. Instead of making the people behind you wait ages for their turn, do them a favour and opt for slip-on shoes instead – it’s comfier too!
  1. Lots of jewellery
    Looking good while travelling is great, but not when you’re frantically trying to remove your arm candies – rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets – from your body just before going through the scanner. It gets worse when you see a line slowly forming behind you. We suggest packing all your jewellery into a small bag and putting them on only after clearing security. The same goes for bobby pins! Having too many in your hair will set off the alarm when you walk through the metal detector (#truestory).
  1. Bulky pullovers
    We are all for being comfy and cosy while travelling but trying to remove a pullover while balancing your handbag, carry-on and a handphone is a nightmare. Wear a hoodie that comes with a zipper. We promise it’ll make your life a whole lot easier.
  1. A belt
    Not only is it a hassle to unbuckle and remove your belt, it’s also frustrating for the people waiting behind you too. And we certainly hope you’re not one of those people who conveniently forget about their belt and walk through the metal detector. Plus, trying to sleep on the plane with a constricted tummy is a strict no-no. Opt for tights or pants – you won’t regret it!

Image: Tyler Olson / 123RF.com
Text: Arin Tan