We daresay that Lily-Rose Depp is one of the coolest teenagers in Hollywood. At just 16, she already caught the eye of Karl Lagerfeld, scoring front row seats at Chanel shows. (Of course, it helped that her mother is Vanessa Paradis, a spokesperson for Chanel.)

While other girls around the age follow the crowd and go for what’s trendy, she never fails to buck the trend. Here are six times she proved that you can break all fashion rules and still be a trendsetter.

  1. No one really wears headbands anymore (unless you’re a kid) but Lily-Rose brought it back during Chanel’s Resort show. And for her, it’s form over function: Instead of using it to sweep her hair back, she placed it on top of her bob, right in the middle of her head.

  2. Scarves may not be popular among 16-year-olds but she defo made it work – twice.

  3. She’s been rocking the socks-with-sandals trend since six months ago.

  4. Oversized turtleneck top with huge jacket? Totes street-worthy.

  5. Who wears flared pants nowadays, much less cropped ones? Lily-Rose. And she looks amazeballs.

  6. There’s no such thing as frumpy clothes, even a frilly floral top that looks like it came out of your grandma’s closet. All you gotta do is cinch the waist.

Images: Lily-Rose Depp’s Instagram, TPG/Click Photos