Your Halloween costume can either make you stand out like a star or offend the whole party. Take fash cues from these celebs on what to (and not to) wear.

  1. Do get props

    Heck, get a whole gang of extras to join you if you can. But make sure your friends are game enough to stick with you the entire night. If not, just rely on props. Look at how Jemima Khan ran a one-man show with this awesome costume.
  2. Do be sensitive

    Put yourself in others’ shoes before you decide whether it’s all right to dress up as a persona. What’s a no? Religion, like how Heidi Klum dressed up as Hindu goddess, Kali. And poking fun at others, the way Roberto Cavalli did when he dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween, only to remark that the Chanel Creative Director’s everyday getup is “ridiculous”. That was a low-blow. And can we say that Julianne Hough’s blackface was totally unnecessary?
  3. Do make sure your body paint can last through the night

    If you’re hitting the clubs, chances are that you’re gonna be sweating buckets. So if you plan on painting your whole body blue like Aubrey O’Day, make sure to seal it with a waterproof topcoat. You wouldn’t want streaks in inappropriate areas or your paint rubbing off on others!
  4. Do be creative while being ridiculous

    This is one of the days – or perhaps the only day – where you have a valid reason to be ridiculously creative, even if it means parading around in an animal costume, like how Dee Koppang dressed up as the coolest cat ever, Choupette. More importantly, don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself and have fun!
  5. Don’t forget to cover your bits

    Come on, you can look like a sexy beast (err… beauty) without being so obvious. Apart from the fact that Singapore has a law that can persecute you for being a public nuisance if you prance around in public in your birthday suit, you also wouldn’t wanna attract unnecessary attention. Even if your outfit isn’t translucent, invest in a nipple tape if you’re not wearing a bra.

  6. Don’t just bank on being sexy

    Don’t use Halloween as an excuse to dress like sex on legs. Make sure you have a proper theme. After all, it’s not a contest for who can show the most skin.

  7. Don’t just rely on makeup

    It’s not just the makeup; the clothes maketh the outfit, too. Both should go hand-in-hand to complete your look, or you’ll look like you’re confused or a kid who has been playing with her mum’s makeup.

  8. Do try out the outfit in advance

    The key to nailing the perfect outfit is advance planning, and that means making sure that the clothes fit. Don’t assume that just because the dress looks perfect on the mannequin, it will fit you to a T, especially if it’s a form-fitting one.

Images: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Hidayah Idris