The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show happened last night, and as usual, it was a visual spectacle.

The organisers might have encountered a few hiccups before the show – Katy Perry, who was slated to perform, was denied a visa and Gigi Hadid announced that she would not be walking the show this year (according to various reports, China didn’t grant her a visa because she uploaded a racist video in which she imitated a Buddha) – but it was reportedly the biggest ever, with 55 models taking the stage decked out in elaborate costumes.

The Angels strutted down the runway in Shanghai to the crooning voices of Harry Styles, Miguel and Jane Zhang, three of the four acts that performed at the show.

However, the show wasn’t without hitches. Bella Hadid accidentally flashed her nipples during one of the segments, while Chinese model Ming Xi slipped and fell on her knees during her catwalk, but was helped up by Brazilian model Gizele Oliveira. Both Bella and Ming Xi seemed unfazed and recovered like the pros that they are.

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Of course, all eyes were on the lingerie showcased during the event. Here are some of the best looks from the show.

Images: TPG/Click Photos