Going on a vacation to a winter destination? Then you definitely need a good coat or jacket to brace yourself for the cold weather. After all, as Singaporeans, most of us are used to sweltering hot or rainy weather or air-con temperature. Sub-zero? What’s that?

Even if you’re not headed to a city with sub-zero temperatures, winters in other countries can be pretty harsh, so instead of packing only sweaters and jeans, make sure you have the winter essentials: coats/jackets, scarves and gloves.

Not sure where to buy affordable winter wear in Singapore? We’ve rounded up a few stores with price points, so you can shop within your budget. Scroll through the gallery to have a look.

How to dress in winter

When travelling to a colder climate, check the temperature before going. It’s important to layer so that you keep yourself warm outdoors, yet are still able to peel off extra layers in restaurants and indoor areas where there is heating.

Material: Check the materials of the item before you buy. Natural fibres like wool, cashmere and down will keep you warmer than synthetic ones like polyester and acrylic.

Layering: Put together ensembles that enable you to add or remove multiple layers as you see fit. That means that instead of just relying on a coat to keep you warm, you’ll also want to put a cardigan underneath it, and perhaps two to three layers beneath that.

What to cover: We tend to focus on the jacket to keep our torso area warm, but neglect the head, neck and hands. Keeping these areas wrapped up with a beanie or hat, scarf and gloves will ensure you can stay toasty for longer periods of time.

Temperature Clothing layers
15 to 20 degrees Sweater or hoodie
10 to 15 degrees Trench coat, wool blend coat, light puffy jacket or leather jacket
Cardigan or sweater for layering
0 to 10 degrees Wool coat or puffy down jacket
Cardigan or sweater for layering
Gloves or mittens
Thermals (optional)
Boots (optional)
Below 0 degrees Same as 0 to 10 degrees, but add more layers

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