8 Times We Wanted To Steal Taeyeon’s Look

The beloved leader of Kpop band Girls’ Generation, Kim Taeyeon, just turned 27! Can you believe that she debuted in the girl group a decade ago, when she’s only 17?! Besides being a talented vocalist and all-round cutie pie, Taeyeon has also been giving us some serious wardrobe goals lately. Here are some of our favourite looks. 

  1. *rushes out to buy floppy hat*

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  2. That comfy-looking coat. Those boots. AND HER HAIR~ 

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  3. *rushes out to buy another floppy hat* 

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  4. Messy hair, don’t care because Taeyeon is looking cute as a button here

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  5. The fringe on her jacket! NEED

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  6. You wish your hair bun game was this strong


  7. OK, that looks really comfortable for an early morning lecture in a freezing auditorium

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  8. When she kept it casual but didn’t forget to put a crown on her head like the queen that she is


Image: TPG

Text: Sophie Hong



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