If there is anyone who should inspire you to live your Best. Life. Ever, it should undoubtedly be Celine Dion.

After first popping up at Paris Couture Week 2017, followed by that amazing video of her dancing at her first Met Gala, the singer has gone through a fashion renaissance in recent years, thanks to the amazing work of her former “image architect” Law Roach (Zendaya is also one of his clients) and current ones Pepe Muñoz and Sydney Lopez.

While we’re so used to sombre-faced models and editors being too cool for, well anything, Celine is like a rare Pokémon and cites frenzy whenever she pops up, due to the fact that she always looks like she’s having the best time ever.

She’s also one to never miss a Titanic moment as evidenced by the Kate & Leo sweater she wore in 2016 and now The Heart of The Ocean necklace replica she wore while out and about in Paris.

It’s a welcome change to see a celebrity just appreciate fashion (especially couture) for what it is—a super fun way to express your personality and creativity. Now with Couture Fashion Week midway, Celine has not disappointed, treating the streets of Paris as if it was her personal runway.

What can we learn from this? Take on our days like how Celine does fashion week. Stomp into your office and strut down the water cooler like you’re wearing Iris Van Herpen, or order your food at the hawker centre in your broken mother tongue with the confidence of Celine in CELINE. Scroll through the gallery to see how we  imagine her taking on the Crazy Rich Asians tour of Singapore in her crazy, rich (and most probably couture) wardrobe.

Images: TPG/Click Photos

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